Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

From our crazies to yours...

Cinderella pre-Pink Eye  (Yeah, the fun NEVER stops here in the House of Crazy.)
Sweet Sleeping Beauty (I am in love with her dimples.)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Elf on the Shelf is Watching You...

A couple (or a few?) years ago Santa sent our Elf on the Shelf to us.  His name is Bernard and sometimes, he gets into some trouble...

Elves eat candy and sweets as shown in the movie "Elf."  Above is a mess we saw the other morning.  

And of course he LOVES Christmas trees!
This morning he brought each girl a Littlest Pet Shop pink alligator.  Cinderella maintains that it is a dragon. This is where he is right now:
Here's another little elf:

She wears it most days.

These are just a few of the places he's been.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sleeping Beauty's Wish List and More

Well, let me give you the run down on Sleeping Beauty's list...

On Thanksgiving she found this in a catalog at my mom and dad's and said she wanted it:
Sorry, it is a picture of the folded up picture from the catalog.
It is a Dolce and Gabbana watch that retails for $275.  So that was her first request.

Then she requested "Make up.  And not that play make up either."

I even had this conversation with her today:

Me: Now, take a nap, Sleeping Beauty.
Sleeping Beauty: But will I get make up for Christmas?!
Me: If you take a nap like a baby you can have makeup for Christmas.

It was then I realized once again that it was all over and this tiny and mighty gal would be the end of her father and me.

Back to the list:

"Lip gloss. And lots of it."

"A groom."  Yes, she knows what one is!

The other day she told her Daddy, while gesturing to our TV that she needed one just like it (42 inch flat screen) in her room to watch "Max and Ruby."

"I need an Ariel crown and a Belle crown.  Matching shoes with the Belle one." (We already have the Ariel shoes...)

Yes, mighty grown for a three year old.  :o/

Here are some pictures of our house guest the other night.  Stylings by Sleeping Beauty.  :)

Story time!  This nut has one sock on and one off.

"Jingle Bells" a la Sleeping Beauty

Dashing through the snow
In a one horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bob tails ring
Making spirits bright  CRY
What fun it is to laugh and sing
A sleighing song tonight

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Disney World's Magic Kingdom at Christmastime!

I just realized I didn't share much of the decor, but I will.  The castle at night is so pretty!

Christmastime at Disney has always been one of my very favorite things.  

Do I love Christmas?  Yes.
Do I love Disney World?  Yes.
So Christmastime Disney is the best of both worlds!

This year I got to share that love with my little family for the first time:
I buttoned the crooked sweater.  It was early and we were excited.  Do not judge.  :)
This was Cinderella's third trip to WDW and Sleeping Beauty's second trip to WDW. 

Cinderella's Castle!
The little bitty specks in the bottom right corner are my princesses!
 I wanted a picture of the two princesses with the WHOLE castle to show how huge it is and how small they are.  :)
The two :o)  Sleeping Beauties:
Mine was start struck.
She seemed to have fallen straight out of the movie.  She talked to the girls, hugged them and talked about their shirts that said, "Someday My Prince Will Come."  She even spoke of how she met Prince Phillip "Once Upon A Dream."  My girls ATE IT UP!!
Cinderella and my two gals.  One of her biggest fans is MY very own Cinderella.  She was also very sweet with girls and talked with then and hugged them.
Sleeping Beauty (mine) and Cinderella (the REAL one)  comparing "slippers."

Belle and Sleeping Beauty.  She told Sleeping Beauty she "Had a nice Beast grin."  It made us laugh and laugh and Sleeping Beauty was so happy because "She loves Beast the most."  She did give her a rather anxious (or kind of scary) smile...(It can be seen in the picture of her, Belle and big sister.)  I will post a close up of it in the next post.
Belle also told the girls that she hoped that they met THEIR very own Prince Charmings -  When they are 35!

One of the stage shows - Snow White and her prince:
Cinderella and her prince:
Princess Aurora (AKA Sleeping Beauty) and her prince, Phillip.  When my lil Tiny Mighty saw him she said, "There HE is!!"  She had this elaborate plan to kidnap and stuff Sleeping Beauty in a jail and steal her prince for herself.  WHERE does she come up with this stuff?!  She's THREE!
Peeeetah Pan:
And Goofy too...
All was well and then Maleficent (from the movie "Sleeping Beauty") showed up. My little Sleeping Beauty was scared and wanted her to go away.  She did not like the smoke and fire she caused.  Family would be shocked to know this as she usually fixates on the villains in these movies.  She always says, "Who is bad in this movie?!"  She even insisted Maleficent was on her birthday cake a couple months ago in both the "witch form" and the "dragon form!"  She now repeatedly states she doesn't want to see "Mall-i-ah-cent" again when she goes back.  EVER.
Some of the regulars: Goofy, Donald (being blocked, of course - it is the Mouse's show...), Minnie and Mickey:

To be continued... 

Monday, December 13, 2010


Can you guess where we went this past Saturday?  I'll give you a hint:
At the end of the day Sleeping Beauty said, "Dreams DO come true!"


It was part of an early Christmas present from Nana and Pa and Nanny and Poppy.  Thank you again!

More pictures and stories to come!

12 days until Christmas! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas List, Crafts and Puppy Craziness

Here is Cinderella's letter for Santa.  From what I understand she had to figure out the spellings of the words on her own and I think she did good.  Her handwriting isn't as neat as usual but what she wrote more than makes up for it.  

See below:

Allow me to interpret:
Dear Santa,
I been good this year.  
I miss you.
Love, Cinderella

This child and her very unselfish heart always surprises me, but it shouldn't.  This is just who she is.  The first thing I think of when I think of her is her beautiful heart.  Those that know and love her will tell you the same thing.  She is so very sweet.

Christmas craft time yesterday after school:
Cinderella made a snowman and Sleeping Beauty made an elf.

Cinderella wanted to be a dog and have her sister pet her head.  Her sister climbed on for a ride!
 Who's there?!  Princess Furry Pants has taken to hiding back in The Tree That Hates Ornaments. 
Yeah, our tree straight up is rejecting our love and our ornaments.  UGH!  If it could chuck the ornaments at our heads I am sure it would...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Tree Shopping = A Fashion Faux Pas

Little Sleeping Beauty normally has an eye for fashion.  She will put outfits together and I promise you the next week very similar looks are in the fashion magazines.  On this day she demanded to wear this sundress.  And then I said we had to make it a warmer outfit.  This is what she came up with:
Two of a kind
 It was fine and dandy when I thought that, by the time we went to get our tree, she'd have moved on to another outfit.  Normally, one outfit a day just won't do.  But this day, Saturday, was apparently different.


 I should also mention she said quite loudly that someone was dressed weird.  I loudly replied, "Who are you to talk?!"  :o)

Um, yeah.  The fashion statement of the day:

And really, the outfit as a whole wasn't so bad.  The brown shoes and the Christmas hair bow just did me in.  She was proud.  She just knew she looked amazing.  And hey, confidence is everything.

Rubbing her hands together.  She found THE tree. 
 Oh goody, goody!  There's Cinderella!
 The tree.
Notice how little Sleeping Beauty is.
Always, with the mirrors and the quoting of Disney movies...
She was saying, "Mirror, mirror on the wall..."
For my records - "Om-nih-ments" is ornaments in Sleeping Beauty-speak.

And from today:
I guess the vanilla wafers were good to the last crumb.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aunt Bethany Strikes the Crazies!

We have our very own "Aunt Bethany" from "Christmas Vacation" here.

You know, the old lady who brought the Jell-O Mold with cat food on top to Clark's house.  She wrapped up her cat because she's old, she doesn't have much money and so she takes things from around the house, wraps them up and gives them as gifts.

Sleeping Beauty has really gotten in the Christmas spirit.  She is going around, taking random stuff from around the house and wrapping things up as gifts for family and friends.  You know, because she is young and silly and doesn't have much money...

A new twist on re-gifting. 

The devastation below:

**Out shopping with my mom and Sleeping Beauty yesterday Sleeping Beauty saw Santa from a far holding a newborn baby.  She said, "Is THAT Baby JESUS?!?!?!"

Um, no sweetie.  And also, this baby was a little girl.  :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Swaddled Sillies

So this is what we were up to this past Saturday with Daddy at work...We watched Christmas movies, listened to Christmas music and took turns swaddling the girls.

Sweet little Bebe
Up next: finding and decorating our Christmas tree!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Spreading Some Christmas Cheer!

 More from decorating at my mom and dad's from last night:
Nothing like a kid at Christmas!
Helpful as always

 Two special ornaments:
"The Major Award"
"The Glow Baby"

"I can't get Santa off my back!"

The dumped some glitter "AKA Christmas Cheer" on the floor.  :o/
 Miss Priss

So cute together

My sister and Sleeping Beauty.  S.B. was talking to her new baby cousin in the womb.
We are about to decorate our own tree now.  Wait until I show you the pictures of what Sleeping Beauty wore to get the tree.  :o/