Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Tree Shopping = A Fashion Faux Pas

Little Sleeping Beauty normally has an eye for fashion.  She will put outfits together and I promise you the next week very similar looks are in the fashion magazines.  On this day she demanded to wear this sundress.  And then I said we had to make it a warmer outfit.  This is what she came up with:
Two of a kind
 It was fine and dandy when I thought that, by the time we went to get our tree, she'd have moved on to another outfit.  Normally, one outfit a day just won't do.  But this day, Saturday, was apparently different.


 I should also mention she said quite loudly that someone was dressed weird.  I loudly replied, "Who are you to talk?!"  :o)

Um, yeah.  The fashion statement of the day:

And really, the outfit as a whole wasn't so bad.  The brown shoes and the Christmas hair bow just did me in.  She was proud.  She just knew she looked amazing.  And hey, confidence is everything.

Rubbing her hands together.  She found THE tree. 
 Oh goody, goody!  There's Cinderella!
 The tree.
Notice how little Sleeping Beauty is.
Always, with the mirrors and the quoting of Disney movies...
She was saying, "Mirror, mirror on the wall..."
For my records - "Om-nih-ments" is ornaments in Sleeping Beauty-speak.

And from today:
I guess the vanilla wafers were good to the last crumb.

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  1. How cute is she?! And you're right, it's all in the way you carry yourself. Had a good friend tell me once that she remembers me coming to worship (during a visit home from Georgia) and I was wearing a polyester skirt and a little blouse. She hated the dowdy outfit, but said I was walking like I owned it! haha Yep, all in the way you walk ;)


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