Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Sleeping Beauty started what we call "Pre Pre K" yesterday.  She loved it and she loved her teachers!  She didn't want to leave the school and couldn't wait to go back this morning.  I'd say that is a success!

She posed all on her own.  She had to wear her tippo* dress.  She suited up in her Disney Princess backpack and could not wait to get to the school, see her teachers and make new friends!

* hippo

 She took off running when we got there.  She was so excited.
 I know her head is cut off in this picture but I love it.  She was so happy she was jumping up and down with glee once in her classroom!
Here she is doing a pig puppet show.  She was really into it -  as you will see in the next picture.
"Hoink, hoink!"  (Not oink, oink.  Haha)  Her face is cracking me up here.
She had a great first day and a great day today and she goes again tomorrow.  She goes a few hours three days a week.  Thank you SO MUCH to Nana and Pa who are sending her!  This school is amazing and I believe it helped Cinderella really take off fast in Kindergarten last year.   By the end of the school year she was a TOP 10 reader in ALL of Kindergarten at her school.