Friday, April 22, 2011

It's BEACH time!

We went today with Nana!  No school for Cinderella made for a run day to look for shells and shark teeth.

Held a dragonfly until his wings dried and then he flew away.
Is she hearing the "Baywatch" theme music?!  ;)
So happy. 
Workout video?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"The Chart"

In Cinderella's class they have "The Chart."  She made us one for our home.  She, her sister and the dog all have clothes pins to go on the chart.

Essentially, it is a behavior chart.  In her words:  "Green means caution.  Yellow means slow down.  Red means you're done (no treat at the end of the day), chalkboard means you lose everything (recess and center time).  Here, we have it on the wall in the living room.  So the ledge is the chalkboard.   The chart starts over each day and everyone starts off on "home" again which is the black area on the bottom right corner.

The chart itself isn't all that funny aside from the fact that she made it and hung it up herself the other day.  What is funny is the fact that yesterday, Cinderella tattled on her little sister (which we do not like) and wanted to move Sleeping Beauty's clothes pin.  I said, "Cinderella..."

She stopped and then she said, "And I'll move mine too for tattling!"  HAHAHA

We might be on to something here...

Cinderella has started trying not to tattle by starting off the sentence, "Well, the thing is...."  And makes us drag it out of her.  She has been known to tattle on herself too!!

Today the poor dog "barked herself all the way to the top of the ledge" in a matter of minutes.  Cinderella's words, not mine.

I will keep you posted on the chart.  :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drinks, Drugs and BEARDS

On the way to school Cinderella asked me what drugs were.  After I became conscious again I asked her where she heard such words.  She's six!  She said her teacher said something about drugs and that they were stuff like cigarettes and BEARDS.  Hmmmm...And that they were bad but some people still use them.  

Cinderella then went on to say that if she drank after someone would that be like taking drugs?  Awww.

Side note: We are all about sharing.  Unless it is germs so no sharing drinks or lip gloss or food with friends.  :)

I tried not to laugh and Sleeping Beauty piped up saying, "No.  That's not a drugS.  But you get SICK AND DIE!"  She said it with such glee and a smile on her face.

I guess we will be discussing drugs later today.

Yippeeeee.  :o/