Friday, August 3, 2012

March Funnies

March 2012

When two people got baptized at church Sleeping Beauty said, "Are they going to Heaven NOW?!?!?!"

My mom watched the girls while Tim and I had a late afternoon date. Cinderella was worried about dinner and said to her Nana, "I don't want my mom to create a disaster and I don't want to have to eat it."


Sleeping Beauty: "I don't like the way this room smells."
Me: "Maybe it's you." (I was kidding.)
She smells herself and says, "It IS me!!"

Sleeping Beauty, name some words that start with "T:" Tire, Tooth, Tim, Tiny, Tall, Toot (hahaha) Bottom.

My back was hurting and Sleeping Beauty gave me her blanket "Liney."

We were too afraid to ask what she meant but at the prayer at dinner Sleeping Beauty included the following: "And thank you for killing all the bad people so we won't be kilt."

Sleeping Beauty came out of her room with her makeup Caboodle saying, "Let's see if I can pretty this mess up."

Sleeping Beauty: "Mommy, Riding my bike makes my heart feel happy." ♥

Should I be concerned that my 7 year old is typing "Intervention" on her computer?!

Sleeping Beauty was in her nose up to her elbow and she looked at me and said (dead serious), "Mommy? Did you know princesses don't pick their noses?"
All I could do was stare at her.

Sleeping Beauty to Tim : "Do you know clowns paint their faces so they can steal stuff from people?"

Sleeping Beauty's prayer one night: "Dear God, thank you for this food. Thank for the whoooole world (she says this every time), thank you for stores so I can shop and thank you for Nana and Pa leaving on an adventure so we can have their Sassy (dog).  Amen."

Sleeping Beauty and I heard about the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil on the radio. They then said, "Of course, he won't be there because he's dead."
Sleeping Beauty: "WHAAAAT?! He died?!"
Must be hard to be four years old.

I love how Cinderella is seven and still says "Campbell" for camel.

Sleeping Beauty gets funnier every day. Tonight at dinner she spilled some chili on her dress. "OH! I've SHAMED myself!!"

Me: "Sleeping Beauty, please stop hanging from the door knob."
Sleeping Beauty: "You'll never take me alive!"
Me: "..."

Monday, July 30, 2012

Random Funnies Lately

Antics from the past couple of months are below:

A couple of weeks ago, on the way home from VBS Sleeping Beauty was counting.  She got to "40, 41, 42, 41, 41...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  I CAN'T COUNT?!?!"

Tim asked the girls if they wanted to watch "Pete's Dragon."  Sleeping Beauty said, "Is it Rated G?"

Me: "Girls, Daddy is sick with a man cold.  What do you want to do for dinner?"
Cinderella: "Did you poison him so you wouldn't have to cook?"

Let's file this one under Another sentence I never thought I'd hear:
Cinderella: "What do you think I am?  Some fancy girl with a mustache?!"  This was said while she held her finger under her nose like a 'stache. 

Me: "Almost time for lunch."
Both girls: "NOOOOO!"
Only my cooking would elicit such a response.  :/

This one is hilarious and we still laugh about it.  This is from June.  At dinner Tim said to the girls, "I don't know how your mommy tricked me into marrying her (if you're family you'll know why this is funny) because I was really, really ridiculously good looking."  (Think "Zoolander.")   Without missing a beat, Cinderella said, "Ridiculously good looking like Jason?!"  Jason, is my brother - HER UNCLE!  HA

Sleeping Beauty: "People become obsessed with me and then they follow me around like zombies.  But it's OK, I don't mind.  Who can blame them."  Is she for real?!

Cinderella stuck a price tag on Sleeping Beauty from Bath and Body Works.  Sleeping Beauty got angry, pulled it off and yelled, "I!  AM!  PRICCCCE-LESS!!!!!"

The girls have figured out how to record themselves on their computer.   This further confirms Sleeping Beauty is a NUT.

Sleeping Beauty: "Mommy, Sometimes when we go get tacos I see guys with a shell and then green boogers on it and then THEY EAT THE BOOGERS!!"
Me: "Dude, that's guacamole!"

Overheard- Cinderella: "They are called 'board games' because they are BORRRING!!"

Back in June I couldn't find my cell phone anywhere so I called it from the land line.  It was in Princess Furry Pants' little tent/doghouse!  WHAT in the WORLD?!

They do not make crazy pills strong enough to deal with this craziness in my house! Sleeping Beauty told me earlier today that she had "Aliens in her panties." I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

On the off chance that you were not aware - Sleeping Beauty says chips are made from ducks and chickens. Then Cinderella corrects her with, "NO! Chips are made from french fries!"

Molly (Princess Furry Pants) went to bed early. She is in OUR room, on her pillow, barking EVERY TIME we say A WORD! In her defense, she is sick. But still!

Sleeping Beauty (back in May) had her stage debut with her graduation.  She nailed the performance and at the end blew a kiss!

"Wardrobe change?!" She's four. Yet she said it was time for an evening gown...

(May 2012) I was looking through Sleeping Beauty's about me in her scrapbook.  Her favorite drink is COKE?! WHAT?! I give her little sips left in the can sometimes (when I drank it occasionally) but she kills me.

We saw another "topless" man walking around today. Sleeping Beauty said to Cinderella, "He's naked!!" And Cinderella said, "That's not naked. That's just gross."

Sleeping Beauty has developed a ridiculous fake laugh when watching funny animal videos.

More to come...