Saturday, December 4, 2010

Spreading Some Christmas Cheer!

 More from decorating at my mom and dad's from last night:
Nothing like a kid at Christmas!
Helpful as always

 Two special ornaments:
"The Major Award"
"The Glow Baby"

"I can't get Santa off my back!"

The dumped some glitter "AKA Christmas Cheer" on the floor.  :o/
 Miss Priss

So cute together

My sister and Sleeping Beauty.  S.B. was talking to her new baby cousin in the womb.
We are about to decorate our own tree now.  Wait until I show you the pictures of what Sleeping Beauty wore to get the tree.  :o/

Friday, December 3, 2010

Holly Jolly Happenings!

 Tonight we went to mom and dad's, ate dinner and dessert and helped with their tree.  Here are a few pictures.  There will be more to come and we hope to do tree tomorrow.

This is Cinderella with the first ornament that was killed this evening.   There were two.  I really thought there would have been more with my two girls on the loose.
 Stopping for snuggle time!  They are such cutie pies together!
And here is the death of Sleeping Beauty's gum.  She was jabbering and it fell out of her mouth.  She picked it up and went right back to chewing it!  :o/

Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Santa Encounter of 2010

The other night my mom and dad had the kids for reasons I am not allowed to share.  It's silly really but I am just not permitted to blog about it by the husband.  Anyway, they look them to Chick Fil A for dinner before bringing them home to us and guess who was there?!


My dad said the girls were SHOCKED.  

Sleeping Beauty wasted no time and began interrogating:

"What's he doing here?"

"Where's your mouth?  I can't see your mouth."

"Why's your hair white? Pa's hair is white too."

"Where's your reindeer?  I can't see them."

Santa told my mom that Sleeping Beauty "was going to be a handful."

Of course this left her sputtering, "Going to be?!"

I mean, dude.  She is NOW.  It's only gonna get worse.  ;)

Santa and lil Sleeping Beauty
And again - BFF's for sure!

Cinderella and Santa - It looks like he doesn't trust her!  Ha!

:o)  Good times were had by all!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I learned the other day that I am not hip with the slang lingo.  For one cannot be hip when one has to look up something on an urban dictionary website and THEN has to look up a word that is in the definition.

I'm hopeless.

Oh the shame.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sleeping Beauty's Stashes

What I am about to share with you may scare you.  It scares us.

Sleeping Beauty has taken to hiding things under her bed.  It started a few weeks ago with the "Pixie Dust" gold make up she stole and then applied in the hidden darkness under her bed.

Shortly after that we found batteries and individually wrapped life savers.  You know, for emergencies and incase she needed to save a life...  :oP

Then there was Cinderella's collection of shark teeth - out of the container she so carefully keeps them in.  This almost did Cinderella in!

There was also the pencil and pencil sharpener she squirreled away.  Those were also her big sister's.

And lastly, my red nail polish.  Thank goodness she didn't get it open.  It was a bottle I hadn't seen in a while.

She is swiping stuff left and right.  These are just the funniest things she has taken.  She gets so spun up when we go in there to have a look to see what she has taken.

Which reminds me, I think I need to go take inventory now...