Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Makeup Madness!

Yesterday I bought Sleeping Beauty a set of makeup brushes out of the dollar bin at Target.  She said she needed them for NEXT Halloween when she will be Belle.

I got them for her.  It was only a dollar.  No harm done.  She applied pretend make up all day yesterday and then I gave her a little bit of sparkly gold dust.  I used it on her for Halloween.  She loved it.  I dipped the brush in and gave her a teeny, tiny amount.

Today I had to run out and get her a refill prescription.  We have had colds, snotty noses and coughing.  Sleeping Beauty requires a nebulizer so I had to go pick up a refill of the Albuterol.  The King of the Crazies ran out to the car to stop me.

Him: "Did you give Sleeping Beauty makeup?"

Me: "No."

Him: "Well, she has some.  A LOT."

We race inside and she is in her room, *under the bed and cackling. 
 When she emerges I see she has a ton of the gold dust (or "Pixie Dust" as TinkerBell calls it) on her blush brush and it is EVERYWHERE.
 She continues to apply it all the while thinking she looks drop dead gorgeous.
 She has the entire container of it under bed.  Two lessons had to happen:

1. Don't take Mommy's makeup and use it without asking.
2. Never, ever, EVER apply makeup in the dark and especially not under a bed.

And I am also pretty sure she didn't mean to wear it on her sweater either...Hmmmm...
*Side note: She has taken to hiding candy and batteries under her bed.  ?!


  1. you have a BEAUTIFUL family. thank you for your comment on my blog. i love sharing our story with anyone who wants to read it. i have learned so much through this trial... and anything i can pass on to others so that they can learn it without having to go through it... then great.

    i am blessed by our Father in Heaven. my son brings me great joy... even through the sorrow.

    thank you again.

  2. Looove this! I wish I coulda seen her in person.

  3. hahaha and yes, she is indeed beautiful.


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