Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Cinderella Flashback

It looks like Sleeping Beauty learned her makeup techniques from her big sis.  (If you missed yesterday's post, please see below for a laugh.)  Below is Cinderella at age two.
A Cherry Chapstick Incident:
And then there was a makeup incident:
 This was from some play makeup, I think.  Cinderella was two in both of those photos.
And another picture:
Today I am thankful for my ability to find a good bargain.  Also, because I forgot to add one thing I am thankful for at the end of my last post:  I am thankful for my mom and dad, who go above and beyond for me and my own little family.


  1. they are such cuties :) and yay to parents who have the means to make the way a tad easier for tired and hard working young parents. Just wait, your time of rest and empty nesting is nearer than your realize. But I'll always miss nightly hugs, 'mommy? I wuv you!', and hearing her footsteps in the house, chatter in the car, and knowing I was a main person in her life :)

  2. Kelly!

    I'm already partial to you, you have the BEST name! My almost-8-year-old is Kellie!

    I love meeting new friends. I was so happy to see your comment on my blog!!! I'm honored that you discovered my blog too.

    I appreciate your prayers for me. There's nobody who knows what we're going through than someone who's been through it. Olivia's death is easier and easier to bear as my due date gets closer and the anticipation of seeing Pennie's sweet little face is in my mind!

    Anyway, I do hope to see you a lot on my blog!!

    Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!!


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