Sunday, November 7, 2010

Franken-Haunted Gingerbread Mansion

Before Halloween I let the girls make a Haunted Gingerbread Mansion.  To say that the entire experience was a big, disastrous mess, would be the understatement of the millennium.

Look at these two faces.  The mess they made was worth how happy it made them:
The candy decor:
This was the first year I left them completely to their own devices:

Her hands are closing in on the size of mine.  :o(  Mine weren't that big to begin with but it is still sad how fast they grow up.
Scary Princesses:

See the puddle of purple icing?!  And it is on Cinderella's face as if she was eating it.  Hmmm.
The front:
The back:
Yep, it's scary all right.
Yeah, it got busted before we even opened it.

Silly Sleeping Beauty
Rolling her eyes and having her Sleeping Beauty crown and the mask caught in her hair!   Silly bean!  She insisted upon the mask AND the crown!
Princess Franken-Furry Pants
Cinderella and the scarecrow dude she and her daddy made.  She added the brows and the 'stache.
I am thankful for fun times with my family.

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