Wednesday, November 3, 2010


TinkerBell (shiny because of her pixie dust) and Peter Pan

Trick or treat!
Smell my feet...
If you don't, I won't be sad.
I'll just make you wish you had!
One day I am sure she will think we made her be Peter Pan but the truth is we couldn't talk her out of it!  I can just hear her now, "You made me wear a boy costume!!"

Peter Pan is up to something...
Tink "Spriting" around.
Up, up and away!!
(Trying to fllllly!)

This Pixie Dust just has to work!

Puppies even dress up!  My mom and dad's dog Sweetie as a cheerleader:
When Sleeping Beauty was told that was HER outfit as a baby she said, "I rocked that outfit!"
And trying to get some of our dinner...Don't you dare tell her she isn't a person!!

And Princess Furry Pants as a hot dog!!  
(We later found out this fits Sleeping Beauty better than the dog.)

Peter Pan was hungry!!  ;o)
She looks pleased but she wasn't.  She also could get out of it pretty fast!
Checking out her loot!

I remember doing this with my siblings.  I believe this is just Sleeping Beauty's TinkerBell's loot.
* A special thanks to my dad, AKA Pa for being the official photographer for Halloween 2010.  :)
** I am thankful my mom and dad live close enough to enjoy these holidays with us.  :)


  1. Oh, I loved seeing these photos :) and the smiles on the faces. Hope you're feeling much much better by today!

  2. See makes a BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL Peter Pan and Tink is just too precious!

  3. Thanks for your encouragement and continued prayers. Your little princesses are beautiful!


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