Friday, April 29, 2011

Egg Dyeing Fun

Last Saturday we dyed (and ruined) eggs for Easter. 

Here are some of Cinderella's eggs (I am blurring one egg because she put her real name (the whole thing) on one of her eggs.  :)  )  I should also note I let Sleeping Beauty pick out an egg decorating kit this year - her pick was monsters, which unfortunately you will see.  The "hair" was hilarious!  

There are clearly no words for this egg!

Hard at work!
A sequin on her arm. 
Sleeping Beauty's eggs: The white one is "a snowman egg."  FYI. 

 Cinderella makes this one every year.  I had to make a batch of orange dye just for this egg...
 Another one of Cinderella's creations:
 Cinderella's eggs:
 The girls (hair in rollers!) and a couple of their favorites:
Sleeping Beauty's basket - They both also got a beach pail but their names are on them.  :) 
 Cinderella's basket
We had fun and Sleeping Beauty ended up cracking nearly every one of her eggs.  :o/  But that's just the way things go with breakables and Sleeping Beauty.