Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Game Day!

And we (the girls) don't care!
(This was taken on my cell phone today at lunch.  When it is the four of us we make the kids sit on the same side.  It's almost like a date!)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I get in a funk at times.  I feel too busy to do anything, let alone the things I WANT to do and the things I NEED to do...Well, I do them, but not always happily.  I thought that I'd do a few posts (not in a row) about some of the things/or people I am grateful for...

Edited to add: This post is apparently brought to you by Pollyanna and "The Glad Game" she always plays in it.  :)

God - I wouldn't be here without Him.  I can ask Him for anything and He always acts in my best interest even when I don't always see that or understand that.  If you don't know Him and are interested in learning more please leave me a comment or email me at  (Wow.  All that is missing there is, "Touch your monitor to be saved..."  ;)  )

Jesus - He died for my sins and He loves me and everyone reading this.

My mom and dad - I gave them a hard time when they were raising me and most of it wasn't intentional, though a lot  of it might have been.  I'd like to think it all paid off for them but I don't know...I love them and the love and support they give to me, Tim and the girls.  I know without a doubt I can count on them for ANYTHING.  And they can count on me too.

My husband - I waited a long time to marry the one person I wanted to marry.  There was never anyone else.  He gives me a hard time and teases me mercilessly but that goes both ways.  :)  He picks up where I leave off or slack and the girls think he hung the moon and painted the heavens.  I can be at my very worst and feel hopeless and he can make me laugh.  Every time.  We are truly best friends and like spending all the time that we can together. 

My girls - Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are the most beautiful parts of myself and my husband.  They are sweet, loving and kind and while I know we won't always get along or even like each other we will always love one another and be there for each other.  If I had known what I was waiting for when fighting through infertility I may have gotten through it a little better.  But I got through it anyway so it isn't all that important I suppose. This is my way of saying all that and worse would have made having them worth it.

My siblings - I have a younger sister and a much younger brother.  I am lucky.  They are both such amazing people in their own right.  They both love fiercely and with their whole being.  I know they would both do anything I asked of them for me and my family.  I would do the same for them.  And my sister and I are very close and love to get together with our kids.  To most people it probably seems like we speak in code but we both know what the other is saying, sometimes with just a glance!  

My sense of humor - Some days I'd be crying if I didn't just laugh at myself and the situations I get myself into.  It helps me cope and make light of the hard times.

My husband's job - So many people have been out of work or are out of work currently.  

A nice air conditioned home - I don't know how people lived without it years ago.  I surely wouldn't have made it!

Food on the table at night - though not always edible, it is still keeping us alive when it's not making us sick. ;)  See?  Sense of humor.  :)

More in a later post...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Girl and Her Blue Dress

At the beginning of the summer I bought Cinderella a blue and white maxi dress from Kohl's.  A maxi dress is a long, roomy dress.  Unlike her little sister, she lets me pick out and buy her clothing without her present.  That doesn't fly with Fashionista Sleeping Beauty.  Anyway, when I gave Cinderella the dress she fell in love with it immediately.  As soon as the dress has been washed and dried it finds its way back onto her body.  She is wearing it in a majority of her summer pictures and even in her back top school pictures.  When the "Fall" pictures were taken at school a couple of weeks ago, on the blue dress went.  When I ask her about her love affair with the blue dress she says, "I just love it."  I laugh and tell her that one day she will look back at pictures of her six year old self and ask why we never bought her any new clothes.  It is then that I will smile, laugh and fondly remember the blue dress and all the memories she made in it.  :)
It should go without saying she wore it to school today.  :)
I have a similar story of Sleeping Beauty and a dress from last summer.  (I had to buy it AGAIN in a bigger size for this summer!)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I hope to be back soon! The girls are doing a lot of swimming.  I am sick and now the husband is starting to feel sick.  Of course.  :(  We know how to ruin a long weekend.  Anyway,  enjoy your weekend!