Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Girl and Her Blue Dress

At the beginning of the summer I bought Cinderella a blue and white maxi dress from Kohl's.  A maxi dress is a long, roomy dress.  Unlike her little sister, she lets me pick out and buy her clothing without her present.  That doesn't fly with Fashionista Sleeping Beauty.  Anyway, when I gave Cinderella the dress she fell in love with it immediately.  As soon as the dress has been washed and dried it finds its way back onto her body.  She is wearing it in a majority of her summer pictures and even in her back top school pictures.  When the "Fall" pictures were taken at school a couple of weeks ago, on the blue dress went.  When I ask her about her love affair with the blue dress she says, "I just love it."  I laugh and tell her that one day she will look back at pictures of her six year old self and ask why we never bought her any new clothes.  It is then that I will smile, laugh and fondly remember the blue dress and all the memories she made in it.  :)
It should go without saying she wore it to school today.  :)
I have a similar story of Sleeping Beauty and a dress from last summer.  (I had to buy it AGAIN in a bigger size for this summer!)

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