Sunday, March 4, 2012

A "Wicked" Good Time!

My girls and I love "The Wizard of Oz." I went two years ago to see "Wicked" and loved it.  It is a story about the witches from "The Wizard of Oz" from their points of view.   I had the soundtrack and the girls fell in love.  Sleeping Beauty could sing the songs word for word at the age of two.  :)  They begged to go see it for two years.   They wanted to see it so bad.  This past Christmas my mom and dad got us tickets to go see "Wicked."  So, in January we went and saw it.

Here's Sleeping Beauty with the program:
 Cinderella and her program:
 They LOVED it and were model citizens while there.  :)  They got "all fancy" in their pretty dresses and  brought their baby dolls.  Sleeping Beauty looks a bit like a Muppet here.  ;)