Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Very Wicked Birthday Party

For Cinderella.  She turned seven.  We celebrated on the 25th of February.
All she wanted was a Wicked party.
We took them back in January to see the Broadway Musical Wicked.

There are no "Wicked" party supplies and it was nowhere near Halloween (witch stuff, etc.) so I had to brainstorm.    Tim and I made witch hats from regular party hats, construction paper and tacky glue.  See as modeled below on Sleeping Beauty:

Magical!  Notice the magic wands hanging down?

"Happy Wicked Birthday" Banner (made by my sis) and a picture of the two witches, Glinda and Elphaba:

I did mainly green, pink and black decorations.  It really did feel "Wicked!"
The cake!  A very talented friend made this for the birthday girl.
Silver star confetti was on the table.

More "Wicked" decor!
A broom to "Defy Gravity!"  This will really help me save on gas money!

One of the big hits of the party:  The Betta fish Mr. Bubbles from Uncle Jason and Emily!  The other big hit was a charm bracelet from Nana and Pa.
Casting a spell on us all.
More to come....

Sunday, March 11, 2012


The girls at the zoo on Saturday with their dolls and strollers:
 And with a Komodo Dragon: