Saturday, January 22, 2011

Roid Rage

*I have to laugh so I won't cry and I have done plenty of crying anyway.*

How to know you have a child on steroids:

Roid Rage = Freaking out when not fed constantly.  Freaking out when they don't get their way.  Pretty much just freaking out about everything. 

She eats four breakfasts within the span of an hour.

A child that would be fine to eat breakfast after taking her big sister to school now has to eat the MOMENT her eyes pop open.

And then eats again when home from taking her sister to school.

As soon as I clean up from one meal she is asking for a snack.  When the answer is no, it gets ugly.  Then begins the constant pestering for the next meal.

Then the next fit begins because I am not willing to serve lunch promptly at 8:30 AM.

She is then eating almost non stop until lunch.  When not eating she is whiny and begging to eat.

Lunch is at 11AM and then (PLEEEEASE) a nap.

Wakes and demands food.

She gets very upset and angry when I won't feed her dinner at 4PM.

You take her to store and she asks, "Can we buy all the food here?"

"I WANT TO EAT!!"  (Oh wait, she was saying that before the medicines.)

Praise the good Lord she is off one of those steroids as of tomorrow morning.  :)  Please keep praying for Sleeping Beauty, us and our grocery bill.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Still here...

Appointment went well with the Pediatric Pulmonologist. 

We have an asthma treatment plan as well as new medicines both for preventative measures and for when she is sick and has a flare up.  It's expensive and takes a lot of my time getting things ready and cleaned, dried, set up.   Not to mention keeping the equipment away from the little hands that could lose them!  ;)

I am trying to get used to all this and learning more about asthma.  I am still pretty clueless but am doing what I can to help my baby girl.

Prayers would be great.  I am pretty wound up between all this and my nephew's arrival within the next three weeks or so.  We would like (NEED) him to come before his due date.  His Mommy is ready and he's a growing boy!  :)  This is her first baby and it took a lot of prayers to get him here.  Pray God keeps them both safe.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sleeping Beauty Update - Asthma

Tomorrow we are taking Sleeping Beauty to a Pediatric Pulmonologist for her asthma.   Please pray that they can help us help her.  She is on several medicines at this point and still has symptoms.  I am frustrated and I feel helpless. We can't seem to get her well and keep her well. Thank you.