Friday, July 27, 2012

Junie B. Jones Day

A couple of weeks ago our local library had a Junie B. Jones Day.  The kids cut out glasses and wore them for a minute (see above).

We listened to a story about Junie B. Jones and checked out some books.

They also posed with Creepy Junie B. Jones  It was great.  Kids began to cry and scream and if I wasn't an adult I probably would have as well.   Truth be told, I screamed on the inside.  She was just scary-looking.  Sleeping Beauty said it best when she said, "I was scared but knew we needed a picture!"  HAHA

Old School Internet

This just makes me laugh.  I have told my girls that we got a computer when I was in second grade. (I think.) It was a  Commodore 64 and I later blew it up.  Don't ask.  I won't tell.   I also told them that we were really the only people I knew that had a computer.  They were BAFFLED by this idea and could not believe iPods, iPads, and the Internet weren't around when I was a child.  Even more so when I told them the iPods/iPads were fairly new inventions.  It makes me wonder what things will be like when they are grown.  I fully expected to be living on the moon on this day in my life but, alas, I am not...

Back to the comic strip (I love these, by the way) - When I moved across country after high school and away from Tim it was in the days of dial up Internet.  Go here to listen.  Ah,  the memories.  And by memories I mean nightmare. It was truly a nightmare.  Not only did I miss him and want to talk to him as much as I could but I'd be on the phone and hear someone trying to log on to Prodigy.  He spent hundreds of  dollars ( I am guessing) on calling me long distance.  We were apart a couple of years and several of those months we were dating.  What I wouldn't have given for cell phones on the same call plan back then.  ;)

What are some old school Internet/computer things you remember?