Monday, November 1, 2010

Time to Be Thankful

This month, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I have decided that with each post I will add something in which I am thankful.  Americans tend to complain a lot and I must be 200% American because I looooove to complain.  The King of Crazies says that I am an "American't," but that post is for another day.

I have not been feeling well for a few days so today I would like to be thankful for this laptop my dad gave me in "new-to-me condition."  For without this laptop, I would not be able to find you, dear reader, and grumble and complain about how my face hurts.  It actually burns.  I either can't breathe or my nose is so runny I have actually stuck a tissue up it to dam up the works.  It's a surprise from one minute to the next what my nose will do.  :o/  I suspect it is at least a sinus infection and I will find out soon when I see the doctor.

Aside from obviously being thankful Halloween wasn't ruined by this sickness is the fact that the princesses had fun.  I was beginning to go downhill but made it until after they went to bed after Trick-or-Treating before collapsing.  I have many pictures to share and will get to it soon.  I am coming out of a Nyquil haze to take myself to get doctored.     

Another thing I am thankful for is the fact that my mother lives close enough, and is actually willing, to help me with the kids.  And the fact that she actually takes Sleeping Beauty and lets her demolish her own home and eat all of her food while I rest and go to the doctor isn't lost on me.  :)  Sleeping Beauty is TINY for her age but let me tell you, that gal can EAT.  Sorry if you have to go hungry tonight, Dad...a Crazy was there!

I'm off in a bit...


  1. ARGH!!! haha I wrote the last two comments forgetting that I had been working on Raymond Elliott's blogs. I saw his photo up there and when whattha?!

    So here's what I said: loved the post but soooo sorry you have been ill :( I know how that feels but I'm better now so hang in there!! You will get better, even when you don't feel like it. And I love love love this background!!!

    Now here's what the second comment said: I am thankful I know you.

    NOW, is there anyway to get his photos off your blog?! haha

  2. Such a blessing to have your mom near by and so involved with the excited you are public again!


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