Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CaNdY iS the DeViL!

I don't have much of a sweet tooth.  I like a small slice of cake at a birthday celebration but only because it's the thing to do.  Pies?  I can take them or leave them.  I have left a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner without ever having had a slice of pie.  It doesn't make much difference to me.  My mom wonders whose child I really am.  Now salt is a whole different story. Some days I wish I owned a salt lick.  Yes, it is that bad. So, aside from the occasional ice cream and my daily morning can of Coke, I don't have too much sugar.  I don't have to have it.  I don't crave it.

That is, until late October.

This year is especially bad.  

I don't know what is going on.

The candy is disappearing at a rapid rate and I can't for the life of me figure out why I can't button my jeans.

Candy is the devil.  (And so are the 30's.  One piece of candy and it immediately appears in an undesired location on my body!)  Candy looks so good and tastes so good but leaves one feeling, just, for lack of a better word, YUCK.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and she told me she woke up with a candy bar wrapper in her bed and had no recollection of having eaten it.  I laughed.  It was hilarious.  And then I realized I was about three Halloweens from ending up waking with wrappers stuck in my hair and having no idea how they got there.

I am DONE with the candy for this Halloween.  If you see me eating some, SLAP IT OUT OF MY HANDS!

The end.

Thing I am thankful for: antibiotics.  I am already feeling better.  :)

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  1. so happy you're feeling better!! now, go celebrate with a piece of candy!


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