Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Santa Encounter of 2010

The other night my mom and dad had the kids for reasons I am not allowed to share.  It's silly really but I am just not permitted to blog about it by the husband.  Anyway, they look them to Chick Fil A for dinner before bringing them home to us and guess who was there?!


My dad said the girls were SHOCKED.  

Sleeping Beauty wasted no time and began interrogating:

"What's he doing here?"

"Where's your mouth?  I can't see your mouth."

"Why's your hair white? Pa's hair is white too."

"Where's your reindeer?  I can't see them."

Santa told my mom that Sleeping Beauty "was going to be a handful."

Of course this left her sputtering, "Going to be?!"

I mean, dude.  She is NOW.  It's only gonna get worse.  ;)

Santa and lil Sleeping Beauty
And again - BFF's for sure!

Cinderella and Santa - It looks like he doesn't trust her!  Ha!

:o)  Good times were had by all!

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