Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drinks, Drugs and BEARDS

On the way to school Cinderella asked me what drugs were.  After I became conscious again I asked her where she heard such words.  She's six!  She said her teacher said something about drugs and that they were stuff like cigarettes and BEARDS.  Hmmmm...And that they were bad but some people still use them.  

Cinderella then went on to say that if she drank after someone would that be like taking drugs?  Awww.

Side note: We are all about sharing.  Unless it is germs so no sharing drinks or lip gloss or food with friends.  :)

I tried not to laugh and Sleeping Beauty piped up saying, "No.  That's not a drugS.  But you get SICK AND DIE!"  She said it with such glee and a smile on her face.

I guess we will be discussing drugs later today.

Yippeeeee.  :o/


  1. I remember when the drug topic came home. I had a harder time with the 'F' word showing it's face. Matthew was in first grade for that one. Parenting is so.fun. sometimes. :)

  2. What a CUTE blog! I love the intro in the title!!! Your girls are adorable. Thank you for taking the time to read our story :)

  3. I've been catching up on your blog tonight! Great pictures :) It is amazing how quickly the 'big' topics start popping up in conversation. We had the gay talk with Hailey a couple of months ago (she's 7 and in 1st grd.) She brought it up and I about fell over!! I did not think we were anywhere close to having to discuss that! But that's school for ya! They learn more than we want them to sometimes!

  4. I love this picture! Too cute! and the dresses are great as well!

    happy SITS day!


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