Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aunt Bethany Strikes the Crazies!

We have our very own "Aunt Bethany" from "Christmas Vacation" here.

You know, the old lady who brought the Jell-O Mold with cat food on top to Clark's house.  She wrapped up her cat because she's old, she doesn't have much money and so she takes things from around the house, wraps them up and gives them as gifts.

Sleeping Beauty has really gotten in the Christmas spirit.  She is going around, taking random stuff from around the house and wrapping things up as gifts for family and friends.  You know, because she is young and silly and doesn't have much money...

A new twist on re-gifting. 

The devastation below:

**Out shopping with my mom and Sleeping Beauty yesterday Sleeping Beauty saw Santa from a far holding a newborn baby.  She said, "Is THAT Baby JESUS?!?!?!"

Um, no sweetie.  And also, this baby was a little girl.  :)

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  1. Anna did that too. She has a gift under the tree for Santa. I'm not sure what it is because nothing has come up missing, but we saw her sneak out of Matthew's bedroom.


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