Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Disney World's Magic Kingdom at Christmastime!

I just realized I didn't share much of the decor, but I will.  The castle at night is so pretty!

Christmastime at Disney has always been one of my very favorite things.  

Do I love Christmas?  Yes.
Do I love Disney World?  Yes.
So Christmastime Disney is the best of both worlds!

This year I got to share that love with my little family for the first time:
I buttoned the crooked sweater.  It was early and we were excited.  Do not judge.  :)
This was Cinderella's third trip to WDW and Sleeping Beauty's second trip to WDW. 

Cinderella's Castle!
The little bitty specks in the bottom right corner are my princesses!
 I wanted a picture of the two princesses with the WHOLE castle to show how huge it is and how small they are.  :)
The two :o)  Sleeping Beauties:
Mine was start struck.
She seemed to have fallen straight out of the movie.  She talked to the girls, hugged them and talked about their shirts that said, "Someday My Prince Will Come."  She even spoke of how she met Prince Phillip "Once Upon A Dream."  My girls ATE IT UP!!
Cinderella and my two gals.  One of her biggest fans is MY very own Cinderella.  She was also very sweet with girls and talked with then and hugged them.
Sleeping Beauty (mine) and Cinderella (the REAL one)  comparing "slippers."

Belle and Sleeping Beauty.  She told Sleeping Beauty she "Had a nice Beast grin."  It made us laugh and laugh and Sleeping Beauty was so happy because "She loves Beast the most."  She did give her a rather anxious (or kind of scary) smile...(It can be seen in the picture of her, Belle and big sister.)  I will post a close up of it in the next post.
Belle also told the girls that she hoped that they met THEIR very own Prince Charmings -  When they are 35!

One of the stage shows - Snow White and her prince:
Cinderella and her prince:
Princess Aurora (AKA Sleeping Beauty) and her prince, Phillip.  When my lil Tiny Mighty saw him she said, "There HE is!!"  She had this elaborate plan to kidnap and stuff Sleeping Beauty in a jail and steal her prince for herself.  WHERE does she come up with this stuff?!  She's THREE!
Peeeetah Pan:
And Goofy too...
All was well and then Maleficent (from the movie "Sleeping Beauty") showed up. My little Sleeping Beauty was scared and wanted her to go away.  She did not like the smoke and fire she caused.  Family would be shocked to know this as she usually fixates on the villains in these movies.  She always says, "Who is bad in this movie?!"  She even insisted Maleficent was on her birthday cake a couple months ago in both the "witch form" and the "dragon form!"  She now repeatedly states she doesn't want to see "Mall-i-ah-cent" again when she goes back.  EVER.
Some of the regulars: Goofy, Donald (being blocked, of course - it is the Mouse's show...), Minnie and Mickey:

To be continued... 

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