Wednesday, September 14, 2011


When someone is dealing with infertility, depression, heartbreak and many other issues people pray.  People are told to pray by other people and by God in the Bible.  We never know what the outcome will be or even if we will get the answer we want.   The answer can be yes, no or not now.  Whatever the answer, it is always in our best interest and sometimes that reason is unknown to us for the rest of our lives.  Sometimes it makes no sense and it seems as if our prayers are going unheard.  I know that they are not.  Sometimes we do find out later why the prayer was answered the way it was.  It makes me think about having my two girls.  I went through a lot before I even tried to start having them and then during my pregnancies and after having had them.  Just when I thought things would get easier I had another obstacle to overcome.   I think it all might have been easier if I could have had a glimpse into what my future would hold:

My two girls and my nephew - he is an answer to a whole other set of prayers

Summer 2011
The moral of this story is to pray and pray big, for you never know what He has in store for you.  I can guarantee in most cases it will be even better than your wildest dreams.  At least, it was for me and my family.  :)


  1. Hey you!!!

    GREAT to hear from you!!

    Where am I? Ha...I've been asking myself that the past year-and-a-half!!! I've been busy TRYING to be all things to all people, and God's been dealing with me on this issue. The plain truth is, I CAN'T be everything to everyone, and I can't live my life the way others think I should! I can only live for my God, my husband and my kids.....let's see how that works!

    I looooved this post! I'm going to make a Box to put all of my prayer requests in, on little slips of paper.....even the big ones!

    Wow, this is basically an email!! If you want to chat more, EMAIL me!!!

  2. SOooo very very true! Love this post! It doesn't matter how you pray standing up, sitting down, laying down what matters is that you do and that it comes from your heart. Thanks for this post!


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