Monday, September 19, 2011

My Date with Nunzio

I took the girls to a birthday party on Saturday morning.  A little girl from church had a paint your own pottery birthday party.  The girls loved it and had a great time.  I enjoyed being there and watching all the kids.  When it was time to go I couldn't find my car keys.  Greeeeeaaaat.  

Then I remembered: Upon arrival the girls saw the birthday girl and it quickly became a chaotic and excitable environment.  I had two girls who couldn't wait to greet their friends.  I left my car keys in the passenger seat under a bunch of things I deemed unworthy of going in to the party.  Tim was working and having to run out to get something for work in another town and his cell phone was dead.  I was an hour away from him.  My parents were out of town but they didn't have an extra car key.   I had mine phone but no one to call to help me.  I prayed and prayed and prayed some more hoping the keys would "just appear" in my purse.  No such luck this time.   I had to call a locksmith.  A good friend and her daughter who also attended the party waited with us and had us sit in their car and watch videos.  Dancing ensued and so did singing....And a very interesting monologue by the little friend.  I was entertained.  

To anyone and everyone that passed the girls yelled, "Help!  We are locked out of our car!"  I was beyond being embarrassed for it takes more than doing something so dumb to get to me.  I mean please, typical Queen of the Crazies behavior.  Being a mother has made me that way.  Feel too good about yourself and you get pooped on.  Literally.  

Once the locksmith man (who will from here on be called Nunzio) came and met us he said, "Did they tell you anything about the charges?"
Me: "No."
Nunzio:  "It's going to be $85."
Me: Dead air.  Crickets chirping...
Nunzio: "Is that OK?"
Me:  "It'll have to be I guess."

What else could we do?!

It took Nunzio all of three minutes to get me back into my car.  So my Saturday started off good and ended on a craptastic note.  I am still not to the point where I can laugh about this just yet.

I am soooo thankful for my friend and for her daughter and for keeping us all calm.  :)  

The kids had a ball:
Sleeping Beauty, friend, Cinderella
Similar stories, anyone?  Locked out of a house, room, car?  Please don't leave me to twist in the wind!  ;)

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