Monday, February 7, 2011

True Love

It is often said that you will love your own child more than you can fathom.  It is true.  It is instant.  The only words I can think of to describe how I love my girls are unconditionally, completely and fiercely.  

It it endless. 

When pregnant with Cinderella I did everything right, ate everything right and listened to my doctors.  I ended up on bed rest for the last part of the pregnancy and had some complications during delivery.  It was THEN the momma bear instinct came out in me.  I would fight through and I would have her and I would have her safely.  Almost six years later, I feel like I just went through over a day of labor and three hours of pushing.  Yet, the pain is distant and right after having delivered her I said I would do it allll again in a heartbeat.  It took a lot to get us to that point.  We fought, we prayed and we cried our way to having that baby. Cinderella is my sweet, loving, creative girl.

Right before Cinderella turned two I got pregnant again.  No infertility problems like with Cinderella, she seemingly willed herself into existence.  Cinderella was the first person I told.  She was shouting "Baby!  Baby!" when I told her father.  I had more sickness and nausea with this pregnancy than the previous one.  Having a toddler to chase probably didn't help matters.  She came about two weeks early because of placental abruption.  This is life threatening for both mother and baby.  I would do it all over again a million times to have my sweet and spicy Sleeping Beauty.  The delivery itself was easy and, at the doctor's urging,  I reached down and brought her into this world myself.  Love at first sight all over again.  :)  Sleeping Beauty is a force to be reckoned with, does everything at 150% and has an infectious smile.  

A few days ago I learned this same fierce, complete, unconditional love to be true about my sister's baby as well.  I loved him from the moment I heard he was on his way - before we even knew he was a "he."  But seeing the picture my dad sent to me of my little sister holding her baby in the operating room - I lost my heart.

She and her husband finally had their baby boy.  I say finally because getting him here took a lot of wishing, hoping and praying.   Nine months later a big bundle of joy was upon us and we could not be more in love with him.  We have gladly handed over our hearts to him.  He is our little prince.  On my blog, this will be his nickname.  :o)  

Little Prince is adorable.  He has a lot of light brown hair, chubby cheeks and a chin dimple I could get lost in.  He loves being in his mommy's arms and eating.  That's about all we know about him thus far but that is enough.  I love him completely and would lie down in front of a train to save his life, no questions asked, just like I would for my own daughters.  (Dramatic?  Why yes, I am nothing if not dramatic.)  I, honestly, was not prepared for that feeling.  I assume my sister and her husband are shocked at how much love their hearts can now hold.  I know I was when I had Cinderella.  The heart is an amazing thing!  

Please go here and welcome my nephew!  Congratulations, Amy and Jon!  Thank you for giving us all a sweet, sweet boy to love for the rest of our lives.  You were both born to be parents, I have seen it in the way you are with my girls.  I love the three of you to the moon and back.  :o)

Me and my nephew
(I will post more pictures after they share theirs.) 


  1. I love that you posted your feelings, and the feelings of all of us that see part of our heart walking around outside in this big world. We never lose that protective edge either. I'm including you in my post today and will come back and leave the shout out address :)


    Shout out address!!


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