Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BaBy BoOt CaMp

Back before we had Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella went through rigorous training to be a big sister.  We called it Baby Boot Camp.    Princess Furry Pants helped her learn.

Proper newborn hold

 And here she is with her baby sister - October 2007
Now Cinderella can hold her cousin Little Prince
 Sleeping Beauty is now in training to learn to hold Little Prince.  Again, Princess Furry Pants will serve as our newborn.

Proper swaddling technique:
Now Sleeping Beauty is trying to catch up!
 Holding the newborn
See how happy?

Now Sleeping Beauty is being swaddled.  Not sure why,..
 And then Princess Furry Pants had had enough.  She wanted to hold Sleeping Beauty.

 Little Prince, we will be ready for you soon!!

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  1. LOL too cute, but no more than I expected!! I know you all wish they lived next door!!!

  2. So cute! Love how willing your pup is to play baby (and how it's cracking Sleeping Beauty up)!

  3. those are so cute
    thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your blog! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the nice note. You know I believe in miracles, too! All my best,

    Jodi Brown

  5. OK, that is adorable! Baby boot camp looks like a blast!

  6. Your girls always look so darling and so well up together. You are a good Mama!

    I love your Cooking Catastrophe posts. When I was first married, I had no idea how to cook and we ate Hamburger Helper a LOT! You just keep on learning and keep on trying. Paula Deen has great and easy recipes and so does Taste of Home.

    Thanks for leaving the links for me to look at in your comments on my blog. I'm super glad you read my blog and it's nice getting to "know" you through yours!! Your prayers are very deeply appreciated.

  7. So, so, so cute. Wait a minute. When did I miss the big announcement? Or have I forgotten? When is Little Prince arriving? So exiting.


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