Saturday, November 5, 2011

Backtracking to Sleeping Beauty's 4th Birthday Party

About a month ago we had Sleeping Beauty's 4th birthday party and it was a costume party.  It was all her idea.  She wanted to be Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty" but I couldn't find the costume anywhere.  So, I talked to Nanny, Tim's mom, and she whipped one up for us.  She made Cinderella a Sleeping Beauty costume while she was at it.  The outfits were PERFECT and also worn for Halloween.

Here is Maleficent in all her wicked glory:
We made the decision to hold off on the green face make up until Halloween and I am glad we did.  By the end of Trick or Treating she looked like she was melting.  :)
Me, the Wicked Queen, from "Snow White" and my tiny, pint sized Maleficent:

My Little Prince (nephew) as a lil Mexican cutie!  (Only picture I got of him in costume.)
King of the Crazies in (partial) costume - Popeye!
Poor Sleeping Beauty was forced to "Touch the Spindle."
Her face kills me here!  (Notice her staff with the bird "Diablo" on it?)
Some of the party guests (family).  To see what we ate go here.

 With Uncle Jon (He had to come out of costume early as it scared the birthday girl.  :)  )

Opening gifts:

This picture is so cute to me:
 More to come...
*All photos with the exception of the cute lil Mexican were taken by my dad.  Thank you.  :)

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