Monday, October 31, 2011

Here Comes the Bride...

...All dressed in white.

Sleeping Beauty's preschool did a little "candy walk" on Thursday.  She went as a bride.  Her Nanny Deb made this for her last Christmas.  Getting this dress has MADE HER LIFE.  Anyway, she couldn't wear the costume she is wearing for this Halloween because it is deemed "scary."  :)

Anyway, this is the child who has already designed her engagement ring and her wedding cake.  Fun fact:  The wedding cake will have real diamonds on it.  ?!  

She made a gorgeous bride!  It is modeled off of my bridal gown.  :)
I am planning to use some of these pictures and some other pictures I have taken of her in this dress on her actual wedding day.  Wouldn't it be precious to place these photos by her bridal portrait?!

This is the standard bride looking down photo.  HA!
These pictures are a bit haphazard and not the best I can do - but it was after school and the candy walk and she wanted lunch!   I know my girl well enough to know when she is done and she was about done in these pictures.  ;)  Getting her in her car seat after school with this on was a nightmare!  Thank goodness the bustle was removable.  :)  
The back...
Nanny also sent the bouquet and the clip with the veil.  :)

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