Monday, January 24, 2011

September Sayings

Some notes I jotted down from September:

King of the Crazies to Cinderella: Get in here, Sleeping Beauty. 
Cinderella to her daddy: I'm Cinderella. Dude, learn your peeps!

Sleeping Beauty loves taking a bath  - while she sings her heart out. 

Hmmmm. Anyone want to pay for TWO room make overs? ;) 

Cinderella needs a twin bed - the full takes up too much room and she is "over" Dora. 

Sleeping Beauty likes Dora but I was informed Sleepy Beauty is more her speed and the "paper doll dress" nursery is so not. ?!?!?! 

And also, the beast is still in her crib. MUHAHAHAHA

Sleeping Beauty talking about Princess Furry Pants: "Her breath is SNEAKY." 

That would be stinky. 

I know we are doing at least something right. And it is the most important. One of Sleeping Beauty's Bible School teachers told me "She sings with her whole heart." :) 

She does.

Sometimes I have to laugh or I'd end up crying. One night Cinderella was  sitting on the couch going over sight words... and... Sleeping Beauty just came barreling through the room naked screaming "Naked Sleeping Beauuuuty." :o/

One night I was in the kitchen talking to the dogs (ours and my mom and dad's who was a house guest at the time) and asking if they were still hungry. Then I hear Sleeping Beauty in the living room, "Yes." :oP

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  1. I love these bits and pieces from yours and Jenny's blogs :) reminds me of sweet moments when mine were little. Although, ya'll seem to have more crazy moments than I did buahahahaha


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