Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Castle CrAzInEsS!

Sleeping Beauty packed up some of her money, unbeknownst to me at the time, and we set out for some shopping a couple of weeks ago.  We came upon a Disney Princess Castle.  It was marked down to $20.  She bought it.  And she shared it with her sister:
But some CrAzY scenes were set up:
Evil abounds (both incarnations of the evil one from "Sleeping Beauty.")
And Sebastian is in the bed!
Um, Cinderella (the doll), been into the "cough syrup?!"
 The Snow White on the apple was not lost on me...
And neither was the prince laying on the ground after falling to his demise.

Lazy dwarves ...

 So precise
 Cinderella set a Zhu Zhu Pet dog on our Roomba vacuum.
 Um, Cinderella?!
Must be rest time for Sleeping Beauty (the doll) and Snow White...
 Sleeping Beauty was saying, "Mirror, mirror on the wall....."

 Poor bunny rabbit.  A spell was cast on him I suppose.
 Still so funny to me...
 Sleeping Beauty's shirt says, "Pink is the new black."
 She lost it...

 And now Snow White is under the table...And Cinderella (the doll) seems to have given up on life.  ?!  ;)

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  1. bah ha ha!!!! that's awesome! the apple is the best part to me.
    and wow that was only $20? did the accessories come with? i'm thinking b'day stash away.


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