Saturday, January 29, 2011


Let me take you through what it takes to get Sleeping Beauty outside to play with her big sister:

The girls are fully clothed and lack only their shoes.

The King of the Crazies and I say, "Hey girls!  It's the nicest day this week outside.  Go out and leave us alone play!"

Cinderella puts on play shoes and is out the door at lightening fast speed.

Sleeping Beauty, on the other hand takes 20 minutes to make it outside.  She has to try on five different pairs of shoes - four of them being sandals - and then she proceeds to have a hilarious dialog with her mirror image father.

After fighting through what is a very serious fashion dilemma to our three year old daughter, she settles on a pair.  And they are not the ones she was already wearing earlier in the day.  That would be too easy.  She has since removed her socks (remember the sandals?!) and while she can put on and take off her shoes with ease she cannot put on socks.  She can only remove them.  The problem here is that she will not allow her father to help her.  It is like I am invisible.  For once.   Prayers are answered!  ;o) 

It goes something like this:

King of the Crazies (K.C.): Let me put on your socks.

Sleeping Beauty (S.B.): I gone do.  (This is how she and her big sister, in the past, have been known to say that they are in fact going to do something themselves.  Come heck or high water.)

K.C.: Just let me help...


This in some variation is repeated many times for my husband and Sleeping Beauty replies each and every time with, "I gone do!"  No variation necessary, apparently. 

This goes on for 15 minutes.  I promise you it does.  It seems more like 30.

She even promises not to say "I gone do" anymore.

Seconds later she is shouting it back into her father's face.  "I GONE DO!"  I try my best to control the laughter for it is like watching one argue with their very own reflection.

He even goes on to say that he will NOT put her socks on.  No, no, no will not do it.  Will die before he will do it.  You get the picture.

I am losing it and start laughing so hard I am crying.  He starts putting her socks on her feet while saying, "I'm not gone do."

Once the socks are finally on the chosen pair of shoes must be found for there is only one shoes beside them now.  We are fifteen minutes into this mess.  And I'm serious y'all, my husband had both shoes in his hands minutes ago, before the sock fiasco.

It takes five more minutes to find the rogue shoe and once she does she puts them on herself all while saying, "See?!  I gone do," and she is out - just 20 minutes behind her big sister.

A few minutes later, through the open windows we hear her yelling to her sister, "I gone do!!!"


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