Monday, January 31, 2011

Disney World Part 3

Part 2 is here (and there is a link to Part 1 there.)

The girls waiting to ride a ride, looking out across to Tom Sawyer's Island.
Cinderella before riding her first big ride with me - Thunder Mountain 
"Mom!  You didn't get my hands on my hips!"
Before the ride starts

Us during the ride.  HA!

These pictures are from the second parade we saw.  It was dark outside and it was so pretty with the castle lighting our view.  :)

Donald Duck
Minnie Mouse
Baloo (left) and King Louie of the Apes (right) from "The Jungle Book"

Mr. Incredible from "The Incredibles."  His outfit and super-imposed muscles grossed me out!
The Mad Hatter from "Alice in Wonderland" with the castle behind him.
This guy in the purple was in the parade.  He immediately spotted Sleeping Beauty and was taken with her.  When it was time for the dance party in the street he recruited my two girls and taught them a dance.  They both had a blast!  

Here he is with Cinderella (Sleeping Beauty is being blocked by her big sister!)
Learning some moves

Two pictures of the castle and the reflection:

LoVe it!
Me and my girls in front of the castle

Happiest place on earth, indeed!!
The toy soldier from "Babes in Toyland," the big tree behind him and then in the back left, the castle all lit up at night!

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  1. the photos are adorable and the little ones precious!!!


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