Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can You Guess...

What the answer is?...
What do you have when you take this lil person:
 And then add this...(tea pot, Disney Princess CDs and saucers)
 And then this...(tea tray and magic wand)
Here's another view:

Can anyone guess what the Lil Sprite was trying to do?

*Please leave guesses in the comments or just say hi to let me know you are alive.*


  1. Make the teapot into a coach for Cinderella?

  2. I can only imagine...but tooo cute!

  3. Use the CD's and coasters as wheels?

  4. I sooo don't have a clue but look forward to finding out. Saw her photo and thought Elvis was in the hou-use! Love this page. Did you do it or did a bloggie decorator put it together? Love the phone and the paper lines. too cute!!!


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