Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh, Sleeping Beauty!

Those of you that read here a lot, read at my old blog and know us in person know one thing to be true: Sleeping Beauty is a tiny and mighty force to reckoned with.  She cannot be tamed and her ideas and thoughts are hers and she will not be deterred.  She voices her opinions on nearly everything and has been known to call out fashion disasters in public.  She is as smart as whip and takes no prisoners.  :)  

Here's a little taste of this spicy diva:

Back in February she started a sentence with the following, "I'm not bein' no rude but..."

Also, this past February she said, "I'm gonna put these pants in the dishwasher.  There was a big wreck in the bathroom."

Translation: She got her pajamas wet carrying her humidifier!  She needed them washed and dried in the washing machine and dryer - not the dishwasher.  And the spill was the "big wreck."

Back in March she asked me why I married her daddy.  I quoted one of her favorite movies "Enchanted" and said, "Because he is my True Love's Kiss."

Sleeping Beauty deadpanned while squinting her eyes, "Daddy's no prince!!"

In March little sister said to big sister, "I'm a big kid now.  Now I'm going to get married."  Cinderella just stood there and blinked her eyes.  (If you know her well you know exactly what I am talking about!!)

Also one night back in March we had this exchange at the dinner table:  

Sleeping Beauty: "Princess Furry Pants wants some dinner."

Me: "OK.  Give her some."  (Usually this is discouraged.)

Tim:  "Oh, don't punish her.  She doesn't know!!"  

Sleeping Beauty: "She likes it."

Tim: "I've seen her eat her own poop."

Ah, the word "poop" spoken at dinner.  Dreamy.  :o/

Exerskill = exercise

Back in April Sleeping Beauty was banging on the floor.  "Is the devil under here?!"

Me: "Well, kind of.  He's in the ground.  He didn't listen to God and was cast out of heaven for being bad."

Sleeping Beauty: "Jesus died on the cross for us!"  (Big smile.)  I love that little girl, as hard headed as she is!

 She loves the movie "Sleeping Beauty" and has for a long time.  One of her favorite things about the movie is Maleficent, the evil lady that turns into a dragon at the end.  Sleeping Beauty (mine, not the movie one) said a few weeks ago, "Every night when I go to sleep I see her."  HAHAHA

Back in the spring I was in Target and went to buy Cinderella a new bathing suit cover up.  Sleeping Beauty piped up, "I've been 'plainin' about mine for a while..."  
'plainin' = complaining

She has started a sentence with this more than once: "When this house catches on fire..."


Cam-ah-wahl = caramel

Kin-nee-key-ya = Uniqua from "The Backyardigans"

This summer the girls got their ears pierced.  Cinderella nearly fainted  and Sleeping Beauty sat in the seat, closed her eyes and smiled, "I've waited two long years for this!!"

"Mommy, can I have a criminal pencil?"
criminal pencil = mechanical pencil 

Using her "criminal pencil." 

Sleeping Beauty had some money sent to her by some relatives.  This morning she held it in her hands, looked down at the money and then back at me.  "I don't wanna give this to the Lord's Supper" (contribution at church).

Me:  "I won't make you.  That money is a gift."

Sleeping Beauty: "...Because God has enough money. He can have anything.  Why do we always have to give Him money?!"

Me: "Well, to keep the church going, to pay the preacher, to help....."

Interrupting me she says, "Every time I turn around I'm giving money in the plate!  Next time I will slap the plate to the floor!" (I dread this coming Sunday now.)

She is too funny.  :o) and :o/  Please pray for us all.  Seriously.

And finally, a quote from my prince: "People seem to enjoy what you write.  I'm not one of 'em but I appreciate they're out there."  


Hope you at least got a chuckle out of all this.  :)


  1. HAHAHA!!! Love Prince Charming's remark concerning your blog...NICE.


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