Saturday, October 1, 2011

Survival Mode

I think I have figured out why time seems to go so fast for parents.  We are in survival mode.  Constantly.  We are living pay check to check, nap time to nap time, and then school week by school week.  When my girls were newborns I tried to survive the days alone with them: through the crying and colic spells, through the constant feedings, through the nap refusals and temper tantrums (theirs, not mine.  OK, sometimes my tantrums.)  I was getting used to being a mommy and a stay at home one at that.  I was always trying to survive the task at hand.  I would think, "If I can just get her to sleep I will be able to get a shower, make it through the day, eat something, not die."  

The days I have to survive their sickness or my own just adds more obstacles to overcome.  Then it really and truly is operating in survival mode.  Survive until daddy gets home and can help me out or, better yet,  take over.

I am starting to think that is why being a grandparent is so great.  Grandparents aren't worried (for the most part) about paying the bills, buying new clothes for children that outgrow them at lightening speed, nights of sleeplessness, does their poop look normal, countless doctor appointments and immunizations, sicknesses and communicable diseases, cooking and cleaning up after the children day in and day out.  They get a lot of the fun without most of the heartache and worry.

Now I understand the old bumper sticker that says something along the lines of "If I knew grandchildren were so fun I would have had them first."  :)  I am in no way wishing the years away but these years are straight up hard.  Back to surviving...

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