Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Baby Jason
Today is my baby brother's 25th birthday.  Jason and I are several years apart in age.  Enough so that I remember when our parents told my sister and I that we would be having a baby brother or sister.  Amy and I wanted NEITHER one.  We wanted it to be "just the four of us!"
Jason and my mom
Needless to say that by the time Jason was due we had forgotten all about the fact that we didn't want another sibling.  We couldn't wait to have another sibling!  We'd run in to see if my mom was gone and having the baby.  Back then one would have to wait and see what they were having so we bought gender neutral toys and clothing.
Always into something
We had moved back from Italy and we were staying the summer with my maternal grandparents in Orlando.  I  still remember eating dinner on the way to meet him for the first time, wrapped toy in hand.  My Mamaw (mom's mom) was eating sooo slow.  (Turns out she eats even slower now and I also am a slow eater.  Haha)  I thought she'd never get done and we waited and waited.  We were all so excited.  Looking back, I think that is why she took longer than usual to eat her dinner at Morrison's Cafeteria. (Remember that place?)  She kept talking and talking.  He'd be her last grandchild, the previous being my sister about six years before.

Much like when my sister was born, I don't remember actually seeing him for the first time but I remember the love that I felt and that's all that matters. I gave him a small white toy, I think it was a cat, that attached to the crib and sang.  He kept that thing for years and wore it out.  Anyway, upon seeing him, I remember that I loved him immediately and I couldn't wait to hold him and make him my baby.  I was a second mother, my sister the third mother, and I remember racing home from the bus stop to feed him an afternoon bottle after school.

Of course after he got big enough to be into everything (and he was into EVERYTHING) my sister and I got quite annoyed.  Having a little person around was only cool when it met our needs and wants.  But like all siblings we loved one another even when we were squabbling and couldn't be in the same room.  :)  You know, because we were in trouble, not him.

The few times my mom and dad went out and got a babysitter I was always the one to tell her what to do and when to do it.  I am sure I was annoying. I even changed his diapers the whole time a sitter was there and they didn't seem to mind that at all.  :)  Jason prepared me to be a mom to my girls.  I had babies and already knew how to take care of them because of him and I loved taking care of him.  To this day Amy and I still look out for him and tend to "mother" him but we can't help it.  We probably always will.
Preschool photo

Wearing Dad's Navy gear
 As he got older, and my sister and I got older, he became the cute little brother I took out with me.  I'd take him to football games in high school and my friends would fawn all over him.  He ate it up.  And I was glad he was happy and that he felt so big that I took him out with me.
Jason and me making the same face! 1992
 He was in fourth grade when I graduated from high school.  It's crazy to think about.
In front of Old Faithful 1996 (the year I graduated)
Jason, me and Amy 1997
Jason, Paternal Grandpa and Dad

I have so many memories of Jason taking things apart and rebuilding them.  Or making a vacuum out of toys he had around the house.  He was and is very smart and can do anything he sets his mind to.
Baby Sassy!
Me, Amy and Jason 2000

My wedding day
 I moved out about a year after I graduated for a couple years for school but was back home a couple of years before I got married, so we did live together at home longer than I originally thought we would.  At times it was good and bad.  I was living at home because I had migraines, among other problems, and he was practicing the art of the guitar.  Not a good combo.  When I would hang out with Tim or Amy and Jon we'd usually invite him out with us.  Then he got his car and he got too cool for us.  ;)

Passed out at Amy's wedding (too many pictures!)
"Act like you love one another!"  July 2010

Jason ranks right up there on the favorite person list with both my girls and I can't imagine my life, or their lives, without him in it.  They have so much silly fun with him.  He's just a big kid at heart.

Sleeping Beauty following Jay-sing October 2010

Beach day! 2010

Waiting on Little Prince to be born in February 2011
He is one of the kindest people I know and I am not just saying that because he is my brother.  It is the truth.  He is loyal, almost to a fault, and has such a good heart.  He is one of the few genuinely good and nice people left in the world.  If you know and love him, you know what I mean.  

This next picture makes me laugh.  When I handed Little Prince to Jason in the hospital, Amy and I both told him to sit down first, like he was a five year old.  He did it with a smile on his face.  :)
Holding Little Prince for the first time February 2011
He'd do anything for his friends and family and give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.  And he'd never ask to be repaid for said shirt.  That's just who he is.
Jason at the kid table at a Sunday lunch - Spring 2011

I am so glad to have you as my little brother and so glad my girls have you in their lives. I can't imagine life without "Jay-sing."
Jason and me - today
And Jason with his two biggest fans - Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

Happy birthday, Jason!  We love you and are so, so glad mom and dad had you 25 years ago!

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