Thursday, January 6, 2011

And the Plagues Rained Upon Us...

We had a great Christmas Day.  Christmas break could have been better but no one was sick on Christmas Day so I'll live.  It seemed we were being attacked with every germ known to man. The King of the Crazies and I feel like every time we have time off together we end up with someone sick and trapped inside the house.  And yes, I KNOW, it could be worse but when you are in the middle of it, living it, for TWO WEEKS it doesn't seem that way.  Cabin fever, anyone?!

Allow me to grumble...

It started with Cinderella getting sick AT SCHOOL all over the place the day school was to let out for Christmas.  She missed most of the festivities and was sick for a few days.  No one else got sick.  My husband thinks I am a nut but I read something online and tried it and the rest of us did not get it.  :)

Off and on Sleeping Beauty gets a cough and a cold.  Almost immediately she will go from being fine to a cough and minutes later she's wheezing.  She has asthma and soon we will be seeing a specialist for it.  So add that to the mix.  She was put on using her nebulizer two times a day and then given a steroid in the neb too.

The day after Christmas I had a tooth problem and when I got it fixed, they broke something else and I had to wait until yesterday to get that fixed.  Serenity now!

Sleeping Beauty got a rash but it was localized - not like an allergic reaction.  I treated it and it went away.  Two days later she went down for a nap and emerged COVERED in hives. Poor baby was allergic to her new steroid treatment.  We stopped that and are continuing with the Albuterol twice a day - upon direction from her Nurse Practitioner.  The hives were HUGE welts and she looked like she had third degree burns.  I have never seen them so bad (I get them from time to time.) 

Guess what next??

Pink eye for Cinderella.  One eye only.

The next day?  Pink eye times two for Sleeping Beauty.  For days in a row (even after having the same treatment as her big sister) she'd wake with her eyes sealed shut courtesy of the pink eye.  Three days ago it took me TWENTY MINUTES when she first  woke up to get her eyes open - or unstuck.  She was saying, "I can't see you, Mommy."  She wasn't panicked and was patient.  BUT...THAT was apparently not enough for my sweet little sprite.  She was off her steroid (that seemed to be working except for, ya know, the allergic reaction) and she got really sick, really fast too as has been the case for the last couple months.  As soon as she'd get well, she'd get sick again.  :(  And then we'd end up back at the doctor.  We got different eye drops for her and she was so congested she had gunk coming out of her eyes!  On TOP of the pink eye!  She is on Flovent now two times a day via an inhaler and she is still doing her nebulizer two times a day.  We are doing this for a month to see how she fairs.  The antibiotic is really helping her too.

My nephew is due a month from today!  Can't wait to meet him!

So, that's where I've been.  :)  Updates will be slow coming.  I have a baby shower for my sister coming up and getting Cinderella back into her routine and I am continuing to bulldoze my home.

Here are the gals today:

Doing well and looking cute.  ;) 


  1. Wow, you need some happy photos and good days :) still praying for all of you and sending you love and hugs!!

  2. OH NO. That streak of sickness should be criminal! :) SO sorry that happened during the holidays. WISHING you and your family a pink-eye, cold free year. :)


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