Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sleeping Beauty is THREE! Part 2

Sleeping Beauty is about to make a wish.  The cake was made to her specifications.  :)  Strawberry cake with strawberry icing with the cast of "Sleeping Beauty" on it. 
"I'm go to Halloween."
That WAS her wish.
Cinderella made the place cards.  :)
Cinderella and my kid brother
The girls and my brother in law.  
Chowing down!
I LOVE third birthdays because it is really the first time that the child gets that the birthday party/day is ALL about THEM and celebrating that we have them in our lives.

Princess Furry Pants
Who knows?!

Kissing Snow White - who was her favorite until just recently:
Partying it up!
Me and Sleeping Beauty - She got a case of what I like to call "The Birthday Twits."  You know, getting your way so you turn into a brat?!  ;o)
This is the best we could do.  :oP  My sweet baby a la deer in the headlights look:
We brought baby stuff down from the attic as my sister is having her first baby in February.  Sleeping Beauty immediately climbed in and started saying, "I'm a baby."  She is so tiny, she fits.  
Some of the decor
Sleeping Beauty is just so precious.  This morning she came in from her room carrying her pink piggy bank.  Here's what happened:

Sleeping Beauty: "I want to give money to Jesus."
Me: "How much?"
S.B.: "All of it. I want Jesus to have it."
Me: "Then you won't have any."
S.B.: "That is fine. It is Jesus' anyway." 

She emptied it and put it aside to take on Sunday morning.
God has blessed me so much! I love the heart of a child.  My girls are such a reminder of the way He wants us to be! 

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  1. Love the picture of her laying out on the ground...being a princess is hard work!


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