Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Some images I am glad I have.  Others, I wish I did not have.

I am not talking about pictures or videos.

I am talking about memories.

Locked away in the corners of my mind...with the cobwebs.  ;)

I have so many happy images though.  More good and happy than bad and sad.

Most of the bad or sad involve grandparents' funerals.  Or the times shortly before the funerals.  So, I won't focus on those here.  Or anywhere, really.

The good and the happy?

Playing with my sister as a child.

Being with my cousins...

When my baby brother was born.  I was the only eight year I knew with a real live doll baby.

Going to Disney.

Living in Italy.

High school.

Times with best friends.

Times with family.

Treasured memories with grandparents.

Falling in love...


Getting married and having babies.

First smiles, teeth and steps.

With the girls, I have more happy memories now than ever before.  I just hope I do as good a job as my mom and dad did in trying to make sure we had a worry-free childhood.

I am off to burn dinner and make more happy images.


  1. I choose to dwell on the happy moments of childhood :) and there were many. I loved this post. Thank you for making me slow down and take a short walk down my own memory lane <3


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