Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Does anyone even read here anymore?  I have some ideas but don't want to write to wall, so to speak.  :)


  1. I do, but I hardly ever get comments anymore :/ I believe we stay in touch so much through Facebook that we rarely go to the blogs themselves anymore. I've begun writing more, so I'll remember things and when I post the link on FB I know I get hits because I see the stats but noone leaves a comment. You and Dawn at The Feathered Nest always are sweet to leave comments. FB isn't good in several ways and this is one of them :)
    I'm reading your blog!

  2. I still have you in my Google Reader!

  3. I still have you in my Google Reader so I'll read :)

  4. Yes.......sorry not to have commented! I know how frustrating that is! So thankful with you that your mass was benign!


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