Friday, August 10, 2012

It's All Fun and Games...

Until someone ends up in a "lamp shade."

But don't worry - he can still drive!  ;)

My mom and dad's dog, Gizmo, got a corneal abrasion (eye scratch) and then an ulcer on top of that so he has to wear a "comfort cone."  My mom thought it was looking worse and the vet said they may have to remove his eye if it doesn't get better.  So he went back to the vet this morning and we were worried.  While he was there I overheard Sleeping Beauty pray:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day.  Please help Gizmo's eye to get better so he doesn't have to be a pirate.  ARGHHH!

In Jesus' name,

I love that little sprite!  The prayer worked because the vet said it was looking better!  Also, please don't mention you saw a picture of  Gizmo in the lamp shade to him.  He's very embarrassed by it.


The girls were looking at their necklaces this afternoon and Cinderella said, "I didn't know Santa shopped at Forever 21."  (If you know how she talks when she's trying to figure things out this will be even more funny to you.  :)  )


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  1. Aw poor Gizmo!! My Maisy had to wear a cone recently and she was absolutely TERRIFIED of it, so I hope Gizmo is handling it better than she did! I hope his eye heals up quickly and that he doesn't have to be a pirate :)


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