Monday, March 19, 2012

More "Wicked" Partying!

 More "Wicked" birthday party for Cinderella's 7th!  Part 1 is here.

 Here Little Prince (my nephew) was CRACKING UP at Sleeping Beauty hula hooping.  He laughed so hard he fell over!

OK, back to the party...
Time to do the cake and candles.  Here is little sister:
 The birthday girl is ready for cake and ice cream!
I found the star candles at Target.  :)

 The candles had to be re-lit because Sleeping Beauty wanted a wish or two of her own!!  :o/
 So happy!
 Little Prince is on the move (and faster by the day!)

Cinderella with one of her new gifts - a baby swing/high chair/car seat for her Baby Cinderella.
This baby doll wagon was a HIT for this little guy.  He did not seem to care it was pink.  ;)
The birthday girl and her cousin

Sweet cousin kisses

Still a little more to come...

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  1. That cake looks awesome! I'd like you to make me one. Right away.


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