Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Fun

We have been busy making Christmas crafts and enjoying our time together.
 She cracks me up!
 Princess Furry Pants is all about Christmas this year.  She's been hanging out under the tree, under the stockings and has been wearing an elf outfit and a Santa hat.
 Our Elf on the Shelf has been up to some more craziness:
The girls loved seeing him up on the lamp with Daddy's XBox remote.  They laughed and laughed!  He also made a snow angel out of flour and ate some sugar cookies.  The flour and cookie crumbs were all over the kitchen counter.  This brought lots of laughs too. 
Bernard and the XBox remote
 Sweet Cinderella and Princess Furry Pants (in a Santa hat).

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  1. Are those the ornaments with Old English Furniture Polish & glitter?


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