Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Rough Being Little

And it is also hard having only girl cousins!  ;)  Little Prince (my sister's son) has my two girls and then three more girl cousins on his dad's side of the family.

To say he is adored is an understatement.  They already have fun together and love one another completely.
Little Prince said, "There was cake and NO ONE told ME?!"
I think he was being made to kiss Sleeping Beauty's hand here:
Oooh.  Holding hands.  Look at his hair!!
He was starting to get a little upset:
Angry baby boy!  ;)  The HORROR!
I said when I took these back in May they'd make us all laugh one day.  I already am.  :)  Maybe one of the girls told him there WAS cake and they had some and he didn't!  ;)  He is adorable no matter what face he is making.  :)

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  1. haha I love the expressions of he and Sleeping Beauty!!! Priceless! Sweet Cinderella is already trained to always look at the camera and smile :) Jenny's oldest son does the same thing. Cute!


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