Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Any Day Now...

Any day now Cinderella will lose her first baby tooth.  It is her bottom right and you can even see the new tooth trying to push it out of the way.  I have pulled teeth that were in there better than this one when I was a kid but it is her first and she is nervous so we aren't pushing it.  The photo on the left of the two girls was weird.  I wanted a picture of Cinderella because I didn't know how long we'd have before she became Snaggle Tooth McGee and she opened her mouth wide for the picture.  ?! And of course Sleeping Beauty had to be in it too.  (She is so tiny!!)

See the tooth trying to poke through?  I took these a week ago and the tooth is still there. We watched "Tooth Fairy" with The Rock in it and she and her sister loved it.  They laughed so hard.  At one point I said very sarcastically, "The Tooth Fairy looks a lot like Mary Poppins."  (It IS Julie Andrews AKA Mary Poppins).  Cinderella said, "Yeah...but Mary Poppins doesn't have wings."


Click on the picture to enlarge:
You can see how her baby tooth is out of alignment here - getting pushed out of the way! 

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