Friday, November 26, 2010

ThAnKsGiViNg 2010

We spent Thanksgiving 2010 at my mom and dad's house with them, my maternal grandma (AKA Mamaw) and my dad's sister Beth.  My brother had to work and came later and my sister and her husband had to go up North for a funeral.  We missed them.  :(

The table all set.  I think the sippy cup really adds something to the atmosphere.  ;)
 My pilgrim Cinderella (she made this at school) and my aunt.
 The King of the Crazies and all the mashed potatoes...
 Lil Sweetie.  King of the Crazies got up for a minute and she was fast in his place!
 At the dinner table he unbuttoned his shirt a bit.  It was so funny because Mamaw did a double take!
 Sleeping Beauty was sick a couple weeks ago and got sick AGAIN last Sunday.  She was put on medicines again and seemed to be doing better.  Then yesterday, after we were there for about an hour, she went downhill and she started feeling warm.  She didn't eat at all during the "feast."  (And didn't start really again eating until tonight.)  Poor little pie. We knew she wasn't feeling right when she refused food.  The child is usually all about eating!

Here she is with a thermometer:

 My gorgeous mom (AKA the best cook ever) and me.  :)
If you haven't tasted her cooking I am sorry for you.  Sooooo good!  We all loved it.  Well, those of us that felt like eating.  :o/
Poor lil nugget didn't want to eat so she stayed on the couch with her "Tappy."  She had it because she was feeling so awful.  :(

 Starting at the right is Cinderella, my aunt Beth, Mamaw, King of Crazies, me and my dad:  
 When my mom first took the bird out of the oven we were afraid it may be "Griswold-ish" but it really was the best ever!  And she's never messed up a turkey for as long as I can remember.
You remember the Griswold turkey, right?!

Then after we ate and my brother got off of work and came to eat, some raking, piling and jumping in the leaves took place.  The two girls and my brother dove in!

Lil Pie getting in on the fun!
My dad took this one. 

A new do?!
One of my favorites from the day:
She tried all three pies.  He has never been more proud:
We did get Sleeping Beauty to eat a few bites of pie and "chicken" later that night before we left:

Today she only ate Nerds (candy) and then tonight Cheez-Its, turkey and green beans.  Her fever broke and she was talking a mile a minute tonight.  I pray this mess is over and gone SOON!

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  1. Wow, I could fit in with your family just fine. There's lots of food :D and I hate Ash felt so bad :( there seems to be too much of this going around at your house and at Jen's. I'm commanding the two of you to get everyone well at your houses. Cwismus is coming!


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