Monday, November 22, 2010

Hermit Crab

Here, in the family of Crazies, we have acquired a hermit crab.  

Now, before you go and get all jealous of our new family pet, just know this:

It is not a NEW pet.  We've had it for a while now.

And it isn't  even a pet per se...

It is our very own Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty has been driving her big sister absolutely crazy today.  It doesn't help matters that they are both sick and I am over tired, grumpy and just crazy.  After taking them both to the doctor this morning, Sleeping Beauty eats her lunch and then begins her reign of terror.  She goes into her sister's room and begins trying things on.  No, not for a game of dress up.  She was sizing up her sister's things.  Taking inventory of the things that will one day be hers.  All hers.  Shoes went on and were tried out around the house.  She pretended she was out on a date and that she looked divine.

This drove Cinderella mad.  I do my best to keep little sister out of big sister's room when Cinderella is at school but because Cinderella was in there with her, I wasn't too concerned. 

After the stealing of a pair of boots, it was on like Donkey Kong.  Cinderella lost it.

While laughing in a corner, all I could think of was how the hermit crab searches out a newer, bigger shell to carry on their back for protection.  They go shopping.  Sleeping Beauty has found a boutique that is free.  And it carries nice things.  Things she can't wait for the day to own and have it all to herself.

Do you see the similarities, or is it just me?!  

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