Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We lost a beloved friend and family member yesterday.  Yes, he was a newt but he was OUR newt.  Tim bought Professor Klump shortly after moving here 13 years ago.  He went through two moves with him, our marriage, adding a cat then getting rid of the cat (Tim was allergic) and getting the dog.  He also was with us when we became parents.  Twice.   Ultimately he went into Cinderella's big girl room before Sleeping Beauty was born.  Cinderella took it the hardest.  He was her roommate, after all.  Prayers for a little girl and her broken heart.  "I'm sad he's gone."

I know he can't read and have thoughts like you and I do but I wanted to share this anyway.

Professor Klump,

Thank you for always being there for Tim and being so sweet to the girls and the neighborhood kids.  Everyone loved you.  You would always allow them to play with you and get you out of your abode.

Your People Family

And yes, I cried too.


  1. I had no idea there was a Newt in the home and am saddened that the four of you are now sad. Thirteen years is a good life, right? For a newt? Sending prayers for comfort and peace. It's never easy as an adult, and we really need to allow our babies to grieve. It hurts. much love, Pa and Nan

  2. Wow at 13 years old I can imagine he just like family. So sorry for your loss.


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