Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Tomorrow is the day.  I am having a lumpectomy and biopsy of my right breast.  I have what they think is a lobular mass.  Where it is, the size of it and the fact that it hurts me to touch it make me want it gone and gone yesterday, not to mention that it could be a bad mass.  (I do not think it is).   The doctor said it needed to come out as soon as possible which would be next Wednesday.  I said, "How about ASAP as in TOMORROW?"  He smiled and said, "O.K."  :)  I was prepared not to leave his office without the answer I wanted.  Those who know me at all know this to be true.  :)  Please remember me in prayer.  Pray for the doctors and the nurses and for my friends and family.   I'll see you on the other side of this.  :)


  1. Sending prayers your way. Have your husband update on here for you. I'm glad they're doing it tomorrow!


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